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    1997  Review of Organizing dissent. Unions, the state, and the democratic teachers’ movement in Mexico, by María Lorena Cook  Trejo, Guillermo
    2000  Review of Pandemonium: towards a retro-organizational theory, by Gibson Burrell  Haro, Antonio de
    2002  Review of Paths to state repression. Human rights violations and contentious politics, by Christian Davenport (ed.)  Ochoa Hernández, Rolando
    2001  Review of Paths toward democracy: the working class and elites in Western Europe and South América, by Ruth Berins Collier  Wuhs, Steven Todd
    2022  Review of Patronage at work: public jobs and political services in Argentina, by Virginia Oliveros  Muñoz, Paula
    2000  Review of Patterns of democracy: government forms and performance in thirty-six countries, by Arend Lijphart  Ortiz Mena, Antonio
    2021  Review of Paying bribes for public services: a global guide to grass-roots corruption, by Richard Rose y Caryn Peiffer  Rodríguez-Giménez, Vladimir
    2002  Review of Pivotal politics: a theory of U.S. lawmaking, by Keith Krehbiel  Nacif, Benito
    2013  Review of Populism in Europe and the Americas: threat or corrective for democracy?, by Cas Mudde y Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser (ed.)  Hawkins, Kirk A.
    2000  Review of Presidentialism and democracy in Latin America, by Scott Mainwaring y Matthew S. Shugart (eds.)  Schiavon, Jorge A.
    1995  Review of Presidents and assemblies. Constitutional design and electoral dynamics, by Mathew S. Shugart y John M. Carey  Casar, María Amparo
    2001  Review of Presidents and the politics of negative power, by Charler M. Cameron, Veto Bargaining  Blanco González, Oscar
    1992  Review of Problem definition in policy analysis, by David Dery  Mena, Marco A.
    2002  Review of Prospertiy and violence, by Robert H. Bates; The mystery of capital. Why capitalism triumphs in the west and fails everywhere else?, by Hernando de Soto; The wealth and poverty of nations. Why some are so rich and some so poor, by David S. Landes  Ugalde, Luis Carlos
    1996  Review of Public management as art, science, and profesión, by Laurence E. Lynn, Jr.  García Junco Machado, David
    1992  Review of Public sector performance; a conceptual turning point, by Trudi Miller (comp.)  Álvarez Córdova, Leonardo Marino
    1997  Review of Rebuilding the state: Mexico after Salinas, by Mónica Serrano y Víctor Bulmer-Thomas  Martínez-Gallardo, Cecilia
    2022  Review of Reciprocity and the art of behavioural public policy, by Adam Oliver  Ramírez Ruiz, Adriana
    1999  Review of Regional trading blocs in the world economic system, by Jeffrey A. Frankel  Ortiz Mena, Antonio
    1998  Review of Regionalism in world politics: regional organization and international order, by Louise Fawcett y Andrew Hurrell (eds.)  Hussain, A. Imtiaz