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dc.creatorAntón, Arturo
dc.descriptionEffective tax rates, consumption tax, factor income taxes, international tax policy, impuestos efectivos, impuesto al consumo, impuestos a ingresos factoriales, política fiscal internacional
dc.description.abstractThe paper estimates average effective tax rates on consumption, labor and capital income for Mexico, using the method of Mendoza et al. (1994) and related extensions, including two novel refinements. On average, it is found that consumption taxes are roughly between 7 and 14%, whereas labor and capital income taxes are between 8 and 12.5%, and 8.5 and 15%, respectively. Tax estimates are found to be consistent with predictions from theory in general, both for Mexico as well as for a sample of OECD countries.
dc.description.abstractEl artículo estima los impuestos efectivos promedio al consumo y a los ingreso