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    2014-01-28  Greetings from the editor-in-chief  Rosellón, Juan
    2014-02-06  Trend-cycle decomposition for Peruvian GDP: application of an alternative method  Guillén, Ángel; Rodríguez, Gabriel
    2014-02-07  Real exchange rate and manufacturing growth in Latin America  Henrique Vaz, Paulo; Baer, Werner
    2014-02-13  What determines adult cognitive skills?: influences of pre-school, school, and post-school experiences in Guatemala  Behrman, Jere R.; Hoddinott, John; Maluccio, John A.; Soler-Hampejsek, Erica; Behrman, Emily L.; Martorell, Reynaldo; Ramírez-Zea, Manuel; Stein, Aryeh D.
    2014-02-15  Structural change, marginal land and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean  Barbier, Edward; Bugas, John S.
    2014-04-11  Erratum to: Structural change, marginal land and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean  Barbier, Edward
    2014-04-15  Market discipline: a review of the Mexican deposit market  Tovar-García, Edgar Demetrio
    2014-05-23  Do Mexicans care about air pollution?  Rodríguez-Sánchez, José Iván
    2014-05-28  The effect of coca and FDI on the level of corruption in Bolivia  Bojanic, Antonio N.
    2014-06-05  New directions of trade for the agri-food industry: a disaggregated approach for different income countries, 1963–2000  Serrano, Raúl; Pinilla, Vicente
    2014-06-06  Growth, bank credit, and inflation in Mexico: evidence from an ARDL-bounds testing approach  Tinoco-Zermeño, Miguel Ángel; Venegas Martínez, Francisco; Torres-Preciado, Víctor Hugo
    2014-08-20  Economic behavior of indigenous peoples: the Mexican case  Pérez Velasco Pavón, Juan Carlos
    2014-11-11  Closing the achievement gap in mathematics: evidence from a remedial program in Mexico City  Gutiérrez Fernández, Emilio; Rodrigo, Rodimiro
    2015-01-20  Intergenerational transmission of education: the relative importance of transmission channels  Chávez Juárez, Florian Wendelspiess
    2015-03-22  Implicit redistribution within Argentina’s social security system: a micro-simulation exercise  Moncarz, Pedro E.
    2015-04-11  Inflation targeting and term premia estimates for Latin America  Blake, Andrew P.; Rule, Garreth R.; Rummel, Ole J.
    2015-04-29  Product competition and R&D investment under spillovers within full or partial collusion games  Zhao, Kai
    2015-05-05  Measuring the efficiency of public schools in Uruguay: main drivers and policy implications  Santín, Daniel; Sicilia, Gabriela
    2015-07-28  A robust Bayesian dynamic linear model for Latin-American economic time series: ‘‘the Mexico and Puerto Rico cases’’  Fúquene, Jairo; Álvarez, Marta; Pericchi, Luis Raúl
    2015-09-24  Does access to free health insurance crowd-out private transfers?: evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular  Orraca, Pedro