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    2023-11-08  Fiscal decentralization and the allocation of public spending of subnational governments: the case of Ecuador  Aray, Henry; Pacheco-Delgado, Janeth
    2023-10-29  Financial development and income inequality in Latin American countries: an instrumental variables estimation  Escudero Navarrete, Cristian
    2023-10-04  Latin American falls and rebounds since the COVID-19  Campos, Luciano; Leiva-León, Danilo; Zapata-Álvarez, Steven
    2023-10-04  Intrahousehold bargaining power and time allocation for multiple activities  Cárdenas Retamal, Roberto; Barrientos Cifuentes, Manuel; Vásquez Lavín, Felipe; Ponce Oliva, Roberto
    2023-09-06  Long-term effects of initial labor market conditions on young Mexicans  Aguilar Martínez, José Pablo; Campos Rodríguez, Javier Alejandro; Fuente Gámez, Andrés Alejandro de la; Lara Lara, Jaime; Villarreal Ramírez, Roberto
    2023-08-29  Privatization in the natural gas sector: a general equilibrium analysis  Delalibera, Bruno R.; Serrano-Quintero, Rafael; Zimmermann, Guilherme G.
    2023-01-30  The role of innovation in employment growth, skills demand, and wages: evidence from Ecuador  Rochina Barrachina, María Engracia; Rodríguez Moreno, Jorge Antonio
    2023-01-25  State dependence of fiscal multipliers in Chile – an independent component approach to identification  Fortunato, Andrés; Herwartz, Helmut
    2022-09-22  Sanctions and oil production: evidence from Venezuela’s Orinoco Basin  Rodríguez, Francisco
    2022-02-28  Size-dependent gender gaps in entrepreneurship: the case of Chile  Cuberes, David; Teignier, Marc
    2022-02-14  Automation and the jobs of young workers  Brambilla, Irene; César, Andrés; Falcone, Guillermo; Gasparini, Leonardo
    2022-01-21  Uncovering the wage differential between formal and informal jobs: analysis from the Colombian Caribbean region  Cantillo, Tatiana; Cantillo, Víctor; Garcia, Lucy; Cantillo-Garcia, Víctor
    2022-02-14  What effect does public and private capital have on income inequality? The case of the Latin America and Caribbean region  Santiago, Renato; Fuinhas, José Alberto; Koengkan, Matheus; Cardoso Marques, António
    2022-01-10  Socioeconomic effects of COVID-19 in Mexico: a multisectoral approach and policy options  Hernández-Solano, Alan; López-López, Jhair; Yúnez-Naude, Antonio; Govea-Vargas, Yatziry
    2021-10-18  From bad to worse: the economic impact of COVID-19 in developing countries. Evidence from Venezuela  Caruso, German; Chittaro, Lautaro; Cucagna, Maria Emilia; España, Luis Pedro
    2021-09-20  Does education increase risk aversion in households? Some evidence using artefactual experiments in Peru  Chong, Alberto; Martínez, Joan J.
    2021-06-18  Labor market indicator for Colombia  Cristiano-Botia, Deicy J.; Hernandez-Bejarano, Manuel Dario; Ramos-Veloza, Mario A.
    2021-11-04  Political cycles in Latin America: more evidence on the Brazilian economy  Costa Junior, Celso J.; García-Cintado, Alejandro C.; Hidalgo-Pérez, Manuel A.
    2021-07-09  Macroeconomic effects of loan supply shocks: empirical evidence for Peru  Martínez, Jefferson; Rodríguez, Gabriel
    2021-05-26  How has labor demand been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Evidence from job ads in Mexico  Campos-Vazquez, Raymundo M.; Esquivel, Gerardo; Badillo, Raquel Y.