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    2000  Review of New federalism and state governance in Mexico, by Peter M. Ward y Victoria Rodríguez, con la colaboración de Enrique Cabrero  Remes, Alain De
    2008  Review of New managerialism, professional power and organizational governance in UK universities: a review and assessment, by Michael Reed. In Alberto Amaral, Glen A. Jones and Berit Karseth (eds.), Governing higher education: national perspectives on institutional governance  Kent Serna, Rollin
    1998  Review of New thinking in international relations theory, by Michael W. Doyle y G. John Ikenberry  Sandoval Bustos, Rosa Eugenia
    1994  Review of Non-profits for hire: the welfare sate in the age of contracting, by Michael Lipsky y Steven Ratcher  Martínez Reyes, Héctor
    1999  Review of Open-economy politics. The political economy of the world coffee trade, by Robert H. Bates  Borja Tamayo, J. Arturo
    1997  Review of Organizing dissent. Unions, the state, and the democratic teachers’ movement in Mexico, by María Lorena Cook  Trejo, Guillermo
    2000  Review of Pandemonium: towards a retro-organizational theory, by Gibson Burrell  Haro, Antonio de
    2002  Review of Paths to state repression. Human rights violations and contentious politics, by Christian Davenport (ed.)  Ochoa Hernández, Rolando
    2001  Review of Paths toward democracy: the working class and elites in Western Europe and South América, by Ruth Berins Collier  Wuhs, Steven Todd
    2022  Review of Patronage at work: public jobs and political services in Argentina, by Virginia Oliveros  Muñoz, Paula
    2000  Review of Patterns of democracy: government forms and performance in thirty-six countries, by Arend Lijphart  Ortiz Mena, Antonio