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    2006  Why is structural reform stangnating in Mexico?: policy reform episodes from Salinas to Fox  Lehoucq, Fabrice Edouard
    2006  Constitucional design and democratic performance in Latin America  Lehoucq, Fabrice Edouard
    2006  Congressional campaigning in Mexico  Langston, Joy (Joy Kathryn)
    2006  What makes strong federalism seem weak?: fiscal resources and presidential-provincial relations in Argentina  Benton, Allyson
    2006  Para entender las instituciones políticas del México democrático  Nacif, Benito
    2006  Patterns of repression and manipulation towards a topography of authoritarian elections, 1980-2002  Schedler, Andreas
    2006  Policymaking, parties and institutions in democratic Costa Rica  Lehoucq, Fabrice Edouard
    2006  Do investors assess the credibility of campaign commitments?: the case of Mexico's 2006 presidential race  Benton, Allyson
    2006  Contextual effects on the individual rationality: economic conditions and retrospective vote  Beltrán Ugarte, Ulises
    2006  Latin America's (legal) subnational authoritarian enclaves: the case of Mexico  Benton, Allyson
    2006  Confronting pluralism: constitutional reform in Mexico after Fox  Negretto, Gabriel L.
    2006  Cabinet turnover and talent searches  Huber, John D.; Martínez-Gallardo, Cecilia
    2006  Structural reform, democratic governance, and institutional design in Latin America  Lehoucq, Fabrice Edouard
    2006  The fall of the dominant presidency: lawmaking under divided government in Mexico  Nacif, Benito
    2006  ¿Qué hay de malo con la parálisis?: democracia y gobierno dividido en México  Nacif, Benito
    2007  Operationalizing and reconstructing the theory of nationalism  Hacker-Cordón, Casiano; Miley, Thomas Jeffrey
    2007  An antitrust theory of group recognition  Hacker-Cordón, Casiano; Miley, Thomas Jeffrey
    2007  Hasta en las mejores familias: Madrazo and the PRI in the 2006 presidential elections  Langston, Joy (Joy Kathryn)
    2007  The durability of constitutions in changing environments: a study on constitutional stability in Latin America  Negretto, Gabriel L.
    2007  "A ras de suelo": candidate appearances and events in Mexico´s presidential campaign  Langston, Joy (Joy Kathryn); Benton, Allyson