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    2015  Review of The new case for bureaucracy, by Charles T. Goodsell  Ruiz Ortega, Rafael
    2018  Review of The new public administration: debates and dilemmas, by B. Guy Peters and Jon Pierre  Castillo Salas, Manlio Felipe
    2000  Review of The origins of liberty: political and economic liberalization in the modern world, by Paul W. Drake y Matthew D. McCubbins (eds.)  Guerrero Gutiérrez, Eduardo
    1995  Review of The paradox of continental production: national investment policies in North America, by Barbara Jenkins  Lubezky, Sandra
    1998  Review of The paradox of plenty: oil booms and petro-states, by Terry Lynn Karl  Heredia, Blanca
    2000  Review of The paradox of revolution. Labor, the state, and authoritarianism in Mexico, by Kevin Middlebrook  Jones Tamayo, Claudio
    2013  Review of The politics of authoritarian rule, by Milan W. Svolik  Maldonado Hernández, Gerardo de Jesús
    2020  Review of The politics of crisis management: public leadership under pressure, by Arjen Boin, Paul ‘t Hart, Eric Stern y Bengt Sundelius  García Pacheco, José Ángel
    1996  Review of The politics of economic restructuring. State-society relations and regime change, by María Lorena Cook, Kevin J. Middlebrook y Juan Molinar Horcasitas (eds.)  Soto Montes de Oca, Gloria
    2023  Review of The politics of extraction: territorial rights, participatory institutions, and conflict in Latin America, by Maiah Jaskoski  Torres Wong, Marcela
    1997  Review of The principles of representative government, by Bernard Manin  Aguilar Rivera, José Antonio
    2017  Review of The quest for good governance: how societies develop control of corruption, by Aliana Mungiu-Pippidi  Sánchez Cetina, José Antonio
    1999  Review of The rebel’s dilemma, by Mark I. Lichbach  Trejo, Guillermo
    2000  Review of The self-restraining state: power and accountability in new democracies, by Andreas Schedler, Larry Diamond y Marc F. Plattner (eds.)  Lara Becerra, Xochitl
    1999  Review of The transformation of European social democracy, by Herbert Kitschelt  Greene, Kenneth F.
    2007  Review of The world we could win: administering global governance, by Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi (ed.); International development governance, by Ahmed Shafiqul Huque and Habib Zafarullah (eds.); Global public management: cases and comment, by Kathe Callahan, Dorothy Olshfski and Erwin Schwella (eds.)  Klingner, Donald E.
    1999  Review of Toward Mexico’s democratization: parties, campaigns, elections, and public opinion, by Jorge I. Domínguez y Alejandro Poiré  Mercado Gasca, Lauro
    2009  Review of Transcending new public management: the transformation of public sector reforms, by Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid (eds.)  Arámbula, Héctor
    1996  Review of Transforming state society relations in Mexico. The national solidarity strategy, by Wayne Cornelius, Ann L. Craig y Jonathan Fox  Ortiz Pérez, Luisa
    2015  Review of Transparency in politics and the media: accountability and open government, by Nigel Bowles, James Hamilton and David Levy (eds.)  Salazar Rebolledo, María Grisel