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dc.creatorSerra, Gilles
dc.descriptionPrimary elections, candidate selection, political parties, democratization, elecciones primarias, selección de candidatos, partidos políticos, democratización
dc.description.abstractThe way political parties select their candidates should be considered a fundamental topic in political science. In spite of being profoundly consequential in several regards, candidate-selection methods were understudied for a long time in the academic literature. A renewed awareness of the implications of different nomination rules, along with an increased use of primary elections around the world, has accelerated this research in the last two decades. The goal of this essay is to review the main areas of enquiry regarding candidate selection as reflected in contemporary research. I survey the most recent literature asking four broad questions about candidate-selection methods. 1) What types are there? 2) What consequences do they have? 3) What are their origins? 4) What questions can be formulated for future research? All in all, this survey hopes to convey that research on candidate selection is important, growing and full of open questions.
dc.description.abstractLa manera como los partidos políticos seleccionan a sus candidatos debería ser considerado un tema fundamental en la ciencia política. A pesar de tener profund