Latin American Economic Review aims to be the leading general interest journal on topics relevant to Latin America. The journal welcomes high-quality theoretical and quantitative papers on economic, social and political-economy issues with a regional focus. Articles presenting new data bases or describing structural reforms within a rigorous theoretical framework will also be considered. A few (illustrative) examples of topics that may be of special interest to this journal include: inflation, informal sector, corruption, crime, drug policy, unions, social exclusion, price controls, energy and environmental policy, natural resources, and technology transfer.

Recent Submissions

2024-05-13  The effects of educated leaders on policy and politics: quasi-experimental evidence from Brazil  Bastos, Paulo; Sánchez, Cristián
2024-03-20  Term premium dynamics and its determinants: the Mexican case  Aguilar-Argaez, Ana; Diego-Fernández, María; Elizondo, Rocio; Roldán-Peña, Jessica
2024-04-07  The productivity of Colombian public schools and its determinants from a value-added perspective, 2014–2019: an empirical analysis  Agasisti, Tommaso; Arias, Juliana; Bernal, Gloria; Abadía, Luz Karime
2024-03-20  Population and economic growth in Mexico: regime dynamics and causality  Cayssials, Gaston; German-Soto, Vicente; Segarra, Verónica
2024-01-30  Estimating the reservation wage across city groups in Colombia: a stochastic frontier approach  Florez, Luz A.; Melo-Becerra, Ligia Alba; Posada, Carlos E.
2022-12-23  Socioeconomic status and mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic: an analysis of 8 large Latin American cities  Aromí, J. Daniel; Bonel, M. Paula; Cristiá, Julián; Llada, Martín; Palomino, Luis
2022-12-26  Coffee in crisis offers a lesson in resilience: evidence from Guatemala  D’Errico, Marco; De Los Rios, Carlos; Serfilippi, Elena
2022-12-26  Financial exclusion and financial literacy: evidence from Mexico  Roa, María José; Villegas, Alejandra
2022-12-26  Heterogeneous returns of informality: evidence from Brazil  Otero-Cortés, Andrea
2022-12-26  The dynamic linkages between exporting and importing in Colombian manufacturing  Sanchis, Juan A.; Mañez, Juan A.; Gómez-Sánchez, Andrés Mauricio
2022-12-26  Technical efficiency, production risk, and sharecropping: the case of rice farming in Chile  Quijada, Francisca; Salazar, Cesar; Cabas, Juan
2022-12-26  Convergence of carbon dioxide emissions in the Americas and its determinants  Martins, Mikael A.; Heshmati, Almas
2024-04-08  Terrorist incidents and foreign direct investment: results uncovered by relational models in the cases of Colombia and Peru  Terzi, Mahir
2024-04-08  Local economic development through export-led growth: the Chilean case  César, Andrés; Falcone, Guillermo
2024-04-24  Firm heterogeneity and innovation strategy decision  Guzmán Cofre, Cristian; Vásquez Lavín, Felipe; Sanchez Henriquez, Fernando
2024-04-23  Spatial relationship between unemployment immigration and criminality in a developing city  Mora, Jhon James; Sandoval, Luis Eduardo; Riaño, Laura Carolina
2023-11-08  Fiscal decentralization and the allocation of public spending of subnational governments: the case of Ecuador  Aray, Henry; Pacheco-Delgado, Janeth
2023-10-29  Financial development and income inequality in Latin American countries: an instrument