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    2019-07-10  An analysis of economic incentives to encourage organ donation: evidence from Chile  Parada Contzen, Marcela; Vásquez Lavín, Felipe
    2018-02-02  The Argentina paradox: microexplanations and macropuzzles  Taylor, Alan M.
    2018-02-02  Argentine trade policies in the XX century: 60 years of solitude  Brambilla, Irene; Galiani, Sebastián; Porto, Guido G. (Guido Gustavo)
    2018-10-05  Asymmetric real‑exchange‑rate effects on capital accumulation: evidence from non‑linear ARDL models for Mexico  Ibarra Niño, Carlos Alberto
    2022-02-14  Automation and the jobs of young workers  Brambilla, Irene; César, Andrés; Falcone, Guillermo; Gasparini, Leonardo
    2017-01-30  Changes in rural poverty in Perú 2004–2012  Morley, Samuel
    2015-11-11  Climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean: policy options and research priorities  Feld, Brian; Galiani, Sebastián
    2014-11-11  Closing the achievement gap in mathematics: evidence from a remedial program in Mexico City  Gutiérrez Fernández, Emilio; Rodrigo, Rodimiro
    2022-12-26  Coffee in crisis offers a lesson in resilience: evidence from Guatemala  D’Errico, Marco; De Los Rios, Carlos; Serfilippi, Elena
    2022-12-26  Convergence of carbon dioxide emissions in the Americas and its determinants  Martins, Mikael A.; Heshmati, Almas