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    2019-05-29  The impact of competition with China in the US market on innovation in Mexican manufacturing firms  Meza González, Liliana; Marie Sepulveda, Jaime
    2016-11-11  Impact of environmental and social attitudes, and family concerns on willingness to pay for improved air quality: a contingent valuation application in Mexico City  Filippini, Massimo; Martínez Cruz, Adan Leobardo
    2017-10-17  The impact of pharmaceutical innovation on cancer mortality in Mexico, 2003–2013  Lichtenberg, Frank R.
    2015-03-22  Implicit redistribution within Argentina’s social security system: a micro-simulation exercise  Moncarz, Pedro E.
    2015-04-11  Inflation targeting and term premia estimates for Latin America  Blake, Andrew P.; Rule, Garreth R.; Rummel, Ole J.
    2017-04-05  Interest rate pass-through in the Dominican Republic  Grigoli, Francesco; Mota, José M.
    2015-01-20  Intergenerational transmission of education: the relative importance of transmission channels  Chávez Juárez, Florian Wendelspiess
    2023-10-04  Intrahousehold bargaining power and time allocation for multiple activities  Cárdenas Retamal, Roberto; Barrientos Cifuentes, Manuel; Vásquez Lavín, Felipe; Ponce Oliva, Roberto
    2018-01-05  Introduction to Argentine exceptionalism  Glaeser, Edward L. (Edward Ludwing); Di Tella, Rafael; Llach, Lucas
    2015-11-10  Introduction to research at the policy frontier in Latin America  Galiani, Sebastián