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    2022-12-26  Technical efficiency, production risk, and sharecropping: the case of rice farming in Chile  Quijada, Francisca; Salazar, Cesar; Cabas, Juan
    2024-03-20  Term premium dynamics and its determinants: the Mexican case  Aguilar-Argaez, Ana; Diego-Fernández, María; Elizondo, Rocio; Roldán-Peña, Jessica
    2024-04-08  Terrorist incidents and foreign direct investment: results uncovered by relational models in the cases of Colombia and Peru  Terzi, Mahir
    2017-08-22  A theory of sequential group reciprocity  Moreno-Okuno, Alejandro T.; Mosiño, Alejandro
    2019-02-19  Time goes by so slowly (for those who wait): a field experiment in health care  Garrido, Sofía; Gutiérrez Fernández, Emilio
    2018-12-04  Trade liberalization and informality in Argentina: exploring the adjustment mechanisms  Cruces, Guillermo; Porto, Guido G. (Guido Gustavo); Viollaz, Mariana
    2014-02-06  Trend-cycle decomposition for Peruvian GDP: application of an alternative method  Guillén, Ángel; Rodríguez, Gabriel
    2022-01-21  Uncovering the wage differential between formal and informal jobs: analysis from the Colombian Caribbean region  Cantillo, Tatiana; Cantillo, Víctor; Garcia, Lucy; Cantillo-Garcia, Víctor
    2020-12-23  Understanding the drivers of household energy spending: micro evidence for Latin America  Jimenez Mori, Raúl; Yepez-Garcia, Ariel
    2015-11-11  Urban infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean: public policy priorities  Jaitman, Laura