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    2014-06-05  New directions of trade for the agri-food industry: a disaggregated approach for different income countries, 1963–2000  Serrano, Raúl; Pinilla, Vicente
    2019-10-04  Oil price, energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions: insight into sustainability challenges in Venezuela  Agbanike, Tobechif F.; Nwani, Chinazaekpere; Uwazie, Uwazie I.; Anochiwa, Lasbrey I.; Onoja, Thank Good C.
    2015-10-28  On intergenerational (im)mobility in Latin America  Daude, Christian; Robano, Virginia
    2018-10-01  On the role of financial aid in a default episode  Cuadra, Gabriel; Ramos‑Francia, Manuel; Garcia‑Verdu, Santiago
    2019-05-03  Pass‑through and competition: the impact of soft drink taxes as seen through Mexican supermarkets  Campos Vázquez, Raymundo M.; Medina-Cortina, Eduardo M.
    2018-02-02  Path-dependent import-substitution policies: the case of Argentina in the twentieth century  Galiani, Sebastián; Somaini, Paulo
    2021-11-04  Political cycles in Latin America: more evidence on the Brazilian economy  Costa Junior, Celso J.; García-Cintado, Alejandro C.; Hidalgo-Pérez, Manuel A.
    2019-11-04  Pollution and the choice of where to work and live within Mexico City  Fontenla, Matías; Goodwin, M. Ben; Gonzalez, Fidel
    2024-03-20  Population and economic growth in Mexico: regime dynamics and causality  Cayssials, Gaston; German-Soto, Vicente; Segarra, Verónica
    2019-11-14  Poverty alleviation strategies under informality: evidence for Latin America  Caruso Bloeck, Martin; Galiani, Sebastián