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    2014-02-07  Real exchange rate and manufacturing growth in Latin America  Henrique Vaz, Paulo; Baer, Werner
    2019-11-15  The rise and fall of Argentina  Spruk, Rok
    2017-02-13  The rise and fall of income inequality in Chile  Parro, Francisco; Reyes, Loreto
    2015-11-11  The rise of noncommunicable diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges for public health policies  Anauati, Maria Victoria; Galiani, Sebastián; Weinschelbaum, Federico
    2019-11-18  Road safety: challenges and opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean  Martínez, Sebastián; Sánchez, Raúl; Yáñez-Pagans, Patricia
    2015-07-28  A robust Bayesian dynamic linear model for Latin-American economic time series: ‘‘the Mexico and Puerto Rico cases’’  Fúquene, Jairo; Álvarez, Marta; Pericchi, Luis Raúl
    2023-01-30  The role of innovation in employment growth, skills demand, and wages: evidence from Ecuador  Rochina Barrachina, María Engracia; Rodríguez Moreno, Jorge Antonio
    2022-09-22  Sanctions and oil production: evidence from Venezuela’s Orinoco Basin  Rodríguez, Francisco
    2021-06-18  Sex-ratios and work in Latin American households: evidence from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Chile  Campaña, Juan Carlos; Gimenez-Nadal, J. Ignacio; Molina, Jose Alberto
    2018-02-02  A short episodic history of income distribution in Argentina  Alvaredo, Facundo; Cruces, Guillermo; Gasparini, Leonardo