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    2021-06-18  Labor market indicator for Colombia  Cristiano-Botia, Deicy J.; Hernandez-Bejarano, Manuel Dario; Ramos-Veloza, Mario A.
    2023-10-04  Latin American falls and rebounds since the COVID-19  Campos, Luciano; Leiva-León, Danilo; Zapata-Álvarez, Steven
    2024-04-08  Local economic development through export-led growth: the Chilean case  César, Andrés; Falcone, Guillermo
    2023-09-06  Long-term effects of initial labor market conditions on young Mexicans  Aguilar Martínez, José Pablo; Campos Rodríguez, Javier Alejandro; Fuente Gámez, Andrés Alejandro de la; Lara Lara, Jaime; Villarreal Ramírez, Roberto
    2017-11-13  Machinery production networks in Latin America: a quantity and quality analysis  Silva Chang, Mateus
    2021-07-09  Macroeconomic effects of loan supply shocks: empirical evidence for Peru  Martínez, Jefferson; Rodríguez, Gabriel
    2014-04-15  Market discipline: a review of the Mexican deposit market  Tovar-García, Edgar Demetrio
    2015-05-05  Measuring the efficiency of public schools in Uruguay: main drivers and policy implications  Santín, Daniel; Sicilia, Gabriela
    2014-06-05  New directions of trade for the agri-food industry: a disaggregated approach for different income countries, 1963–2000  Serrano, Raúl; Pinilla, Vicente
    2019-10-04  Oil price, energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions: insight into sustainability challenges in Venezuela  Agbanike, Tobechif F.; Nwani, Chinazaekpere; Uwazie, Uwazie I.; Anochiwa, Lasbrey I.; Onoja, Thank Good C.