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    2015-10-07  Does access to health insurance reduce the risk of miscarriages?: evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular  Pfutze, Tobias
    2015-10-28  On intergenerational (im)mobility in Latin America  Daude, Christian; Robano, Virginia
    2015-11-10  Introduction to research at the policy frontier in Latin America  Galiani, Sebastián
    2015-11-11  Urban infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean: public policy priorities  Jaitman, Laura
    2015-11-11  The rise of noncommunicable diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges for public health policies  Anauati, Maria Victoria; Galiani, Sebastián; Weinschelbaum, Federico
    2015-11-11  Climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean: policy options and research priorities  Feld, Brian; Galiani, Sebastián
    2015-11-11  Progress and challenges in achieving an evidence-based education policy in Latin America and the Caribbean  Urquiola S., Miguel (Urquiola Soux)
    2015-11-26  US–Mexico border tourism and day trips: an aberration in globalization?  Berdell, John; Ghoshal, Animesh
    2016-03-02  The economic integration of Spain: a change in the inflation pattern  García-Cintado, Alejandro C.; Romero-Ávila, Diego; Usabiaga, Carlos
    2016-07-21  Production risk and adoption of irrigation technology: evidence from small-scale farmers in Chile  Salazar, César; Rand, John
    2016-07-21  Great expectations? evidence from Colombia’s exchange rate survey  Echavarria, Juan Jose; Villamizar-Villegas, Mauricio
    2016-08-19  Poverty, vulnerability, and the middle class in Latin America  Stampini, Marco; Robles, Marcos; Sáenz, Mayra; Ibarrarán, Pablo; Medellín, Nadin
    2016-09-13  Does corruption affect cooperation?: a laboratory experiment  Campos Vázquez, Raymundo M.; Mejia, Luis A.
    2016-10-20  Does the commodities boom support the export led growth hypothesis?: evidence from Latin American countries  Kristjanpoller, Werner; Olson, Josephine E.; Salazar, Rodolfo I.
    2016-11-11  Impact of environmental and social attitudes, and family concerns on willingness to pay for improved air quality: a contingent valuation application in Mexico City  Filippini, Massimo; Martínez Cruz, Adan Leobardo
    2017-01-30  Changes in rural poverty in Perú 2004–2012  Morley, Samuel
    2017-02-09  Defence expenditure and economic growth in Latin American countries: evidence from linear and nonlinear causality tests  Kollias, Christos; Paleologou, Suzanna-Maria; Tzeremes, Panayiotis; Tzeremes, Nickolaos
    2017-02-13  The rise and fall of income inequality in Chile  Parro, Francisco; Reyes, Loreto
    2017-04-05  Interest rate pass-through in the Dominican Republic  Grigoli, Francesco; Mota, José M.
    2017-06-02  Purchasing power parity in Mexico since 1933  Wallace, Frederick H.